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I purchased my PetPlan dog plan on June 9, 2009, pre-paid for quarterly coverage and was charged after the 24 hour hold on June 10, 2009. A few weeks later Brewster began experiencing urinary issues, so on June 24 I took her to our local vet. Thus, it is important to note that the vet visit was after the two week waiting period. It was simply coincidental that the vet visit was on the day after the plan went into effect. The vet diagnosed Brewster with a mild bladder infection and prescribed some meds. Given the fee was only $70 we didn't bother submitting it to PetPlan.

After two weeks, Brewster still wasn't well so we returned to the vet, who issued a different prescription. After another three weeks, she still wasn't improving, so we returned to the vet who advised we begin costly testing. After checking with PetPlan, who told me specifically the procedures were covered, we moved forward with the testing to determine what was wrong. The tests ultimately showed Brewster had a stone in her bladder that had to be surgically removed.

At this point we had spent around $800 with the surgery estimated to cost more than $1000. We submitted a claim for the $800 for the initial fees incurred, and I again called and spoke with PetPlan to confirm the next surgical procedure would be covered.

Brewster went into surgery on August 31 at 7 a.m. When I got home from work, I received a letter from PetPlan saying that they were denying my claim and subsequently would not be covering the surgery we had performed today. I then called PetPlan immediately and was informed that they were considering it a pre-existing condition – because even though I enrolled on June 9 and paid the same day, my plan "mysteriously" was not activated until June 15, which meant the first vet visit occurred during the two week wait period. However, I did open my plan on June 9, technically in effect on June 10 due to the 24 hour hold, which would mean the June 24 vet visit would fall after the wait period had ended.

I did not enroll and pay for a service and then knowingly consent to the plan not being activated for five additional days. At this point, we have not received any further response/communication/resolution from PetPlan and are currently responsible for nearly $2,000 in vet fees, despite Pet Plan incorrectly activating our plan five days after we enrolled and paid in full.

My dog means the world to me, which is why I was so thorough in my plan selection. Working in the insurance industry, I know how insurance companies work and often wrongly deny claims, which I fear is the case in my situation. I am glad my dog has now received the proper course of treatment, but there is still a large vet bill that needs to be resolved. We choose PetPlan to be protected, not defrauded.

Don't choose PetPlan!


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They just denied my claim for a curable pre-existing condition, which on their website clearly states is covered...but oddly the fine print legal jargon of the actual policy, is not covered.

I also love how on the website it says "Thankfully, Petplan pet insurance covers all hereditary and congenital conditions for the life of your pet as standard." However in the policy jargon, it says that all tissue problems like patellar luxations are not covered unless "you have a vet make note in the first (30 days) of the policy effective date, that there are no knee problems".Who the F*%$ does that?

You have no idea in the future that your dog will need the surgery, why on earth would you make sure the vet makes a note about this? And get a vet appt in the first 30 days??

No where does it say this is recommended.This company is complete ***, false advertising.


thx everyone for posting your stories.I was considering signing up for a policy but after reading how each of you were treated, will look elsewhere.

Hope each of you and your furry family members are doing well.Thanks again!


We took out a plan for our little Birman kitten in 2006, hardly ever used it as our baby was well, but I did ask specifically for death cover covering road accidents as we lived near a busy road and she was a expensive cat. They are now saying her death was not covered. My husband and I can't get over losing her and now that they won't pay out we feel so much worse


I have had petplan for almost 2 years, and in those two years I have NEVER had any luck getting a claim approved. They will use EVERY POSSIBLE detail that the vet writes to deny claims. They have put in place so many roadblocks to getting claims process as possible. Never in my life have I experienced such difficulty with an insurance company! First, they require at leas 2 years medical history for every pet, and it MUST come from a veterinarian. If you don't have it, than you're screwed. Every claim is auto-rejected. NO OTHER PET INSURANCE COMPANY REQUIRES THIS.

Their favorite excuse is "pre-existing" symptoms. Sorry, just because a dog has has bladder problems before, does not mean all bladder problems are automatically related.

When there is no grounds for labeling it pre-existing, they simply tell you that the claim exceeds the allowed amount for treatment. They lure customers in offering 100% reimbursement, but then reject every claim. And what good is 100% reimbursement when limits are put on how much expenses can be.

They also like to tell you "You could avoid this by getting pre-authorized every claim."

I'm sorry, when my dog is requiring urgent medical care, I do NOT have the time to submit pre-authorization forms and wait days for a response just to see if the insurance will cover it. Also, in emergencies (where this usually becomes a problem) I do not have time to compare or worry about whether the fees my emergency vet is charging me will exceed the limits of the policy.

Also, I've TRIED the pre-auth route... It should be called Pre-Reject, because that's all the process is for.

I have regretted switching insurance companies since day 1. I have wasted THOUSANDS of dollars on this company, for NOTHING. The ONLY reason I haven't switched back is because my dogs currently have some medical issues that would not be covered on new policies because of waiting periods, and I cannot risk that.


I smell a class action suit


I would like to post an update to my comment. After several weeks of following up (on my part) making several phone calls, leaving several messages and emails for the manager, I finally received word that the denial of my clam has been overturned and they are covering and reimbursing my expenses.

None of the calls / emails I made were personally answered by the manager, and I still really feel they could communicate better with customers (and each other). I think if they made this effort, it would ease the frustration felt by their customers and would only benefit them. However, I am pleased that they did the right thing and honored my claim. (The documentation I submitted did provide proof that was pretty indisputable.)

My advice to anyone having a bad experience would be to keep calling, submit all documentation (and get as much as possible.) If you feel that you are in the right, keep on top of your claim and don't give up.


I have also experienced poor customer service, zero communication, and nothing short of frustration in dealing with PetPlan.

I previously used ASPCA insurance for one cat, and have never had to deal with this level of hassle and frustration before. When I adopted my two other cats, I signed them up for PetPlan because I believed the glowing reviews they received online. What a mistake.

Instead of paying a monthly premium like I do with ASPCA, I had to pay an upfront annual premium. I was told I needed to do this as a resident of NY.

I signed up for PetPlan in November 2010 and filed a claim for one of my cats (Pasquale) in April 2011 when he was treated for an ear infection. I had filled out the form, followed instructions to the letter, and had my vet submit all of Pasquale’s medical records and doctor’s notes.

When I had first brought Pasquale home from the shelter, I brought him for his initial vet visit right away and they cleaned his ears. His ears had debris inside them at that time, but there was no infection diagnosed, nor was any medication prescribed- aside from instructing me to clean his ears regularly, which I did.

PetPlan will try to use anything in the vet’s notes against you to deny your claim. When Pasquale contracted an ear infection 5 month later in April, they denied my claim, calling this a pre-existing condition based on notes from November about debris. I sincerely doubt that the person at PetPlan sitting over in his cubicle in Philadelphia, PA has gone to vet school or is qualified to make this call.

Mind you, I had to call several times to check on this claim, each time receiving a different answer. I was never able to view a claim online like they said I would be, and when this issue was mentioned several times to customer service, I was told it was “an IT glitch” and it would be fixed. Guess what? It never was.

Unlike some of you, I never even got the courtesy of a letter stating my claim was denied or any communication from them whatsoever. I had to call again for the umpteenth time to find this out.

I then spoke to a manager and filed an appeal. Again, I followed instructions to the letter and provided supporting documentation- a letter from my vet stating Pasquale’s treatment in April was the first and only incident of an infection. I sent the document as an email attachment in the correct format that was specified. I was told to allow 2-4 weeks time for the appeal to be processed. I received a form letter saying my appeal and supporting documentation was received.

I allowed a total of 5 weeks, and of course had to call again to check on my appeal. The customer service rep I got was nice, but not very knowledgeable. After allowing all this time, I was then told they had not received the latter from my vet that I had carefully sent via email. I was never notified that my appeal was missing any information or that there was a problem. The customer service rep then admitted they had received the attachment, but was only able to give me minimal information- true to every time I call.

So far, this ordeal has gone on for over 3 months. I have contacted the manager and have re-sent all of my documentation, and have yet to get a response from a real live person, and not just a form letter.

I have worked in the customer service industry in the past, and this type of service is extremely poor. I feel like I am being stonewalled- with no response from anyone there, with the hope that I will just give up and go away. What a horrible way to do business.

to Donna DeMarco #616298

I had an experience very similar to yours and I admit they wore me down and I finally just let it go, never receiving compensation for the $1,000 bladder infection my golden retriever had.

I started this insurance when my goldie was one year old and was told her premiums wouldn't rise until she was three and then there would be no further increases after she was eight.

My quarterly premiums when I started were under $50 a quarter, now she is five and the quarterly premiums have doubled with another increase coming when her new policy year starts in June. I called today to find out how much the premium is expected to increase because the cost is becoming prohibitive, particularly since they wear me down so much I give up on filing claims. The person I spoke to was unable to give me that information and when I inquired about the increases stopping when my dog reached eight years old, she said they don't do that anymore. Huh? Okay, if they chose not to offer that feature anymore that's their prerogative, but they should have to honor it on the policies that were written with that understanding. Of course, that information is stated no where on the policy so I guess it was only verbally given to me by a representative of PetPlan. :( I have paid this company a lot of money over the last four years and have received nothing in return, not even what they state in black and white they will provide.

I agree with the person who suggested a class action suit. I think it's time PetPlan is held accountable. Count me in!


I took out Petplan when I found out I was getting laid off.That was in November, I am out over $80.00 on policy fees - and I thought I took out the best policy with no deductible, etd.

HAHA My cat had conjunctivitis this last month with vet bills just under $200. I just received my letter from petplan denying my claim. Due to deductibles, routine fees that did not count, etc.

Any reputable company would give an itemized breakdown with an explanation.I will be cancelling this useless policy - they added a big expense to the care of my pet, money better used to take care of the cat.


I have had a similar experience...My gorgeous boxer pup was only 14 months old when she crashed into a table and seconds later had a heart attack and died.

I was distraught and the vet were asking me if I wanted an autopsy done. I didn't want her cut up but thought i'd better ask petplan if it was something I needed to do... They said no, not required. Long story short, they've taken 6 weeks to process the claim (Still charging me in the meantime of course) and I got my denial letter today saying she's not covered for death by illness.

And because there was no autopsy done they can't say what caused her death!

I been given the right royal run around including not being called back, rude service etc and just don't know where to take it from here.I would give anything to have my baby back but I would NEVER use petplan again.

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